Annual Conferences

Shaping the Future Together

Every year, AGYA organizes two Annual Conferences (ACs), one in Germany and one the Arab world. AGYA Members come together twice a year, once in Spring and once in Autumn. The Spring Conference is reserved to members, whereas alumni/alumnae members join in the Autumn Conference, when the new members are inaugurated and welcomed into the academy. Each conference alternates between locations in the Arab countries and in Germany to expand the AGYA network of excellence equally in both regions.

The ACs comprise General Assemblies (GAs), Working Group and Task Force meetings, tailor-made trainings for the members, cultural highlights, thematic excursions, and public scientific keynotes and panel discussions on current issues of science diplomacy and international research cooperation. AGYA attributes high importance to the scientific, academic, and cultural environment of each host city and strives to build living connections to these environments through public events, such as panel discussions, keynote lectures, book launches, and exhibitions.

On these occasions, AGYA offers its members the opportunity to exchange and network with outstanding scholars, top-level representatives of partnering and funding institutions, policy makers, experts on the topics in question, as well as multipliers and high state officials.

In the framework of the ACs, members take decisions and plan for future interdisciplinary research projects and collaborative initiatives.