Alumni Network

A Growing Network of Excellence

Active membership in AGYA lasts for a period of five years, and the personal and professional connections forged through intercultural exchange and research cooperation in the Academy’s expansive scholarly network in the Arab world and Germany continue long after. The first generation of AGYA members became alumni/alumnae in 2018. Lifetime membership in AGYA’s Alumni Network ensures that alumni and current members continue to interact and benefit from each other’s energy, ideas and experience. Alumni/Alumnae are invited to attend the AGYA Alumni Summit in conjunction with the AGYA Annual Conference, where they meet with their fellow alumni/alumnae and current AGYA members.

AGYA alumni/alumnae conduct their own interdisciplinary research projects and collaborative initiatives within the framework of the academy. As AGYA ambassadors, they expand and sustain cooperation across disciplines in the respective regions. They promote the academy and coordinate regional alumni/alumnae meetings where AGYA research projects are presented to a broad public. Last but not least, AGYA alumni/alumnae support the dissemination of the annual Call for Membership by identifying and encouraging promising young researchers in the Arab world and Germany to become future generations of AGYA members.

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AGYA alumna Jenny Oesterle

Throughout the past five years, we have built strong intercultural and interdisciplinary connections among each other through the various projects we jointly developed and carried out. This created a network that is meant to last!

AGYA alumna Jenny Oesterle, History, Germany

Co-Speakers of the Alumni Network

One Arab and one German Co-Speaker coordinate the activities of the alumni/alumnae. They represent the Alumni Network at international conferences, where they engage in exchange with leading academic institutions in the Arab world and Germany, and act as contact person for AGYA alumni/alumnae.

German Co-Speaker

Kalman Graffi
Computer Sciences
Technische Hochschule Bingen, Germany

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Arab Co-Speaker

Maha Nasr
Ain Shams University, Egypt

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AGYA Literary Salon

The new event series ‘AGYA Literary Salon’ hosts both established and emerging Arab and German authors to discuss their literary careers, visions, and latest works. The Salon especially aims to introduce new literary talents and unknown texts to the public, presenting new thoughts, expressing human values, and providing a source for inspiration. All salons are recorded and available on the AGYA YouTube channel.

Selection of Alumni Projects

AGYA alumni/alumnae continue to conduct interdisciplinary research projects and collaborative initiatives within the Alumni Network and in collaboration with AGYA members.