Crossing Borders – Connecting Knowledge

Human mobility fosters the exchange of ideas, values, and goods, connecting manifold world views across time and space. How do new technologies impact our sense of connectedness and perception of the world as a global village? What global consequences does mobility cause, such as itinerant viruses inducing pandemics or the gradual loss of certain local goods, species, beliefs, and practices? How can we analyse and depict the flow of ideas, traditions, artifacts, images, sounds, and texts to showcase the Arab world’s and Germany’s entangled past, present, and future trajectories?

Disciplines Involved
Christian Junge

Transregional cooperation beyond Europe turns the ‘rest of the world‘ into ‘centers of our world‘.

AGYA member Dr. Christian Junge, Middle East Studies, Germany

Ideas Know no Borders

Minding Migration

Amro Ali, AGYA Member

If we do not address the scourge of passport restrictions and visa regimes, the pace and orientation of holistic, transnational, and interdisciplinary knowledge production in the Arab world will continue to be skewed.

AGYA member Prof. Dr. Amro Ali, Sociology, Egypt

Food on the Move

Book Presentation: Insatiable Appetite

Insatiable Appetite: Food as Cultural Signifier in the Middle East and Beyond explores the cultural ramifications of food and foodways in the Mediterranean, and Arab-Muslim countries in particular. The volume addresses the cultural meanings of food from a wider chronological scope, from antiquity to present, adopting approaches from various disciplines.

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Food in Focus

11 14th Century Hummus Recipes are still preserved

Source: Treasure Trove of Benefits and Variety at the Table: Anonymous Egyptian

10,452 kg Heavy is the Largest Serving of Hummus

Source: Guinness World Records

Ideas and Supply on the Move