High Tech – High Impact?

Our world is rapidly transforming into a digitally supported environment of intelligent ecosystems in which humans and technology interact constantly. Smart spaces, the ‘Internet of Things’, robotics, and artificial intelligence are becoming integral parts of our daily lives. How shall we connect emerging hubs for research, industry, and innovation in the Arab world and Germany for mutual benefit and enhanced social impact? How might we boost the development of new technologies and materials through Arab-German research cooperation? And how can we combine high-tech and low-cost solutions to tackle common challenges?

Disciplines Involved

New Materials - New Era?

Mahmoud Abdel-Hafiez

During the Stone Age, tools were made from flint. In the Copper, Bronze and Iron Ages, stronger and stronger alloys led to better tools. Now, silicon used in electronics profoundly changed our lives. New 2D-materials are the materials of the future.

AGYA member Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Hafiez, Physics, Germany

Social Dynamics - Smart Solutions?

Household Penetration of Smart Appliances in 2021

4,2 % Morocco

8,2 % Saudi-Arabia

Source: Statista (2021)

9,3 % Germany