More Voices – New Choices

Embracing diversity means studying many different identities, traditions, beliefs, and ecosystems. It also means working with a wide variety of research approaches, methods, theories. How can we empower marginalized voices in Arab and German society and academia? How can we foster transdisciplinary dialogue and provide an enabling and inclusive environment? And how might we also promote and preserve environmental and biological diversity?

Disciplines Involved

Encouraging Women's Empowerment

Kristin Kliemt

AGYA values diversity. As a new member, I would like to start activities that awaken young women's enthusiasm for the natural sciences.

AGYA member Dr. Kristin Kliemt, Physics, Germany

Proportion of Women in Germany at Various Stages of Their Academic Career in 2020

49,9 % Students

45,1 % Doctoral Degree

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt (DESTATIS)

11,6 % C4-Professor

Strengthening Skills - Fostering Capacities

Zeina Hobaika

Through training on personal development topics like communication and how to make science more accessible to society, AGYA helps us develop the soft skills needed for full academic careers.

AGYA member Prof. Dr. Zeina Hobaika, Biochemistry, Lebanon