Steering Committee


The Steering Committee manages the activities of AGYA. It consists of three Arab and three German members of AGYA, who are elected by the General Assembly for one year. One Arab and one German member of the six-person Steering Committee are elected to serve as Co-Presidents. Together with the other four members of the Steering Committee, they regularly represent AGYA at international conferences and actively engage in exchange with leading academic institutions in the Arab world and Germany.

Current Members of the Steering Committee

Konstantin Klein, German Co-President
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Franziska Lissel
Chemistry & Material Science
Leibniz-Institute for Polymer Research & Technical University Dresden, Germany
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Shadi Albarqouni
Computer Sciences
University of Bonn, Germany
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Olfa Messaoud, Arab Co-President
Human Genetics
University Tunis El Manar, Tunisia
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Nadia Bahra
University of Constantine 2, Algeria
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Lobna Said
Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering
Nile University, Egypt
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