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Knowledge production is the result of a primarily scientific activity, be it basic or applied research. It equally encompasses the aesthetic realm such as music and arts. The paths are manifold, including disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary approaches. Knowledge production essentially relies on structures and formats that enable and encourage scholars to exchange, experiment and produce – or revisit – usable knowledge. Yet, knowledge production is not detached from underlying preconceptions. How can we transcend prevailing power hierarchies and develop fresh perspectives through more inclusive approaches? How can we promote knowledge production as a shared endeavour spanning both geographical and disciplinary boundaries?

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Portrait of Ziad Mikati

The work of AGYA is a vivid example of shared knowledge production.

Ziad Mikati, Head of the Beirut Office of the Mikati Foundation, AGYA Advisory Board Member

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Hanan Badr

Knowledge production needs more plural actors. Perspective matters! Our main task as scientists remains not only to critically question what we observe; but also to question our surrounding conditions of research production, funding, and mobility.

AGYA alumna Prof. Dr. Hanan Badr, Communication & Media Studies, Germany