Reflecting the Present – Shaping the Future

Technological transition, social innovation, and socio-economic globalisation herald profound changes in our lives and realities. New individual and collective practices emerge, influencing our capacities to (re)act. Many aspects of life are undergoing rapid redesign: climate change is threatening our planet; political power relations are shifting; media are being digitalised and daily life is becoming increasingly economised. How do Arab and German societies cope with these changing realities? What are the driving forces and effects of transformation? And how do cultural and symbolic meanings emerge as societies change?

Disciplines Involved

Panel Discussion: Green Hydrogen and Energy Economics in the Arab World and Germany

The panel brought together high-ranking stakeholders from academia, economics, and politics from Germany, Kuwait and Tunisia. They exchanged on Arab and German perspectives on the hot topic in a lively and thought-provoking discussion.

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Innovative Cultural Approaches

Shifting Discourses

Technological Transitions