Common Challenges – Joint Solutions

Responsible use of finite and renewable resources is crucial for ensuring a sustainable future. Human activities impact the planet in a myriad of ways in different social and climatic environments. Collaboration on interdisciplinary research enables us to better understand our interdependencies and find innovative ways forward. How should we support cooperative research seeking sustainable solutions for communities of all sizes? How might we translate this knowledge into concrete policy recommendations? And how can we foster transdisciplinary dialogue among diverse communities for the benefit of the planet?

Disciplines Involved

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Problems and Potentials

12 of the most water-scarce countries are in the MENA

Source: International Water Management Institute

1 solar power plant the size of Egypt's Lake Nasser would equal the energy generation of the total Middle East oil production

Source: Institute of Technical Thermodynamics, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

5 % of the agricultural land in the MENA are arable

Source: OECD/FAO (2018), OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2018-2027

Tackling Climate Change