Research Collaboration

Collaborative by Design

AGYA offers the unique opportunity to develop and implement ideas, visions, and projects within the framework of Arab-German research partnerships. All formats are interdisciplinary by design and allow for collaboration between a German and an Arab researcher and in larger teams. It is AGYA’s aspiration to offer both cooperative and competitive formats. Projects in all formats can range from a few months to several years.

Working Group Projects & Meetings

In Working Group Projects, several Arab and German AGYA members jointly tackle questions of common concern in an interdisciplinary approach, with a focus on enhancing North–South–South cooperation. Working Group Meetings are designed to create an inspirational environment and opportunities to discuss and develop research ideas. These meetings take place at the biannual General Assemblies and as determined by each Working Group.

To date, AGYA members have established six Working Groups addressing socially relevant topics:

Tandem Projects

Tandem Projects offer AGYA members the opportunity to carry out joint research projects and academic exchange on a bilateral level beyond disciplinary boundaries. In this format, an Arab and a German member of AGYA work together on a topic connecting their different research areas. 

Idea Competitions

Annually, AGYA invites members to pitch an idea internally during the General Assembly. No idea is too innovative or imaginative, and the most popular idea is chosen by the members to receive funding. The winning ideas generally address issues at the interface of science and society in Germany and the Arab world. 

Research Mobility Program

AGYA offers a special support program for research stays abroad. The AGYA Research Mobility Program (RMP) provides short-term fellowships for interdisciplinary research stays at universities and scientific host institutions in any Arab country or in Germany. All AGYA members, AGYA alumni/alumnae and their PhD students, as well as scholars at risk are eligible to apply as long as their research stays are cross-border visits. The program aims to support young scholars by increasing their international mobility, broadening and strengthening their professional network, and sharpening their research profiles.

Alumni Projects

AGYA alumni/alumnae have the opportunity to apply for interdisciplinary research projects on a competitive basis. Following the example of the Tandem Projects, one Arab and one German project partner engage in a joint research project. New and old generations can also network here, with alumni/alumnae and active members cooperating in cross-over projects. This serves to strengthen the connection of AGYA alumni/alumnae with active AGYA members, a cornerstone in the sustainable viability of the AGYA network of excellence.