Selected Books & Articles

Thinking Through Ruins

Published in/by: Kulturverlag Kadmos ISBN/ISSN: 978-3-86599-482-0
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Forms of Migration: Global Perspectives on Im/migrant Art and Literature

Published in/by: Berlin, Germany: Falschrum Books
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‘American Corona’ vs. ‘The Chinese virus’: blaming and othering in Arab media

  • Carola Richter,
  • Abdulrahman Al-Shami,
  • Soheir Osman,
  • Sahar Khalifa,
  • Samuel Mundua
Published in/by: Hobaika, Z., Möller, L.-M. & Völkel, J. (2022). The MENA Region and COVID-19. Impact, Implications and Prospects. ISBN/ISSN: 9781032145815
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Ultrafast charge transfer dynamics in 2D covalent organic frameworks/Re-complex hybrid photocatalyst

  • Quinying Pan,
  • Mohamed Abdellah,
  • Yuehan Cao,
  • Weihua Lin,
  • Yang Liu,
  • Jie Meng,
  • Quan Zhou,
  • Qian Zhao,
  • Xiaomei Yan,
  • Zonglong Li,
  • Hao Cui,
  • Huili Cao,
  • Wenting Fang,
  • David Ackland Tanner,
  • Mahmoud Abdel-Hafiez,
  • Ying Zhou,
  • Tonu Pullerits,
  • Sophie E. Canton,
  • Hong Xu,
  • Kaibo Zheng
Published in/by: Nature Communications,13(845)
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Hip-Hop in the Arab World and Kuwait

Published in/by: New Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 11, No. 1 & 2
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Arab Media Systems (in Arabic)

Published in/by: Beirut: The Center for Arab Unity Studies
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