Mohamed Abdellah Qenawy

 Mohamed Abdellah Qenawy
  • Chemistry,
  • Material Science

Areas of Expertise:
Materials science; Physical/Inorganic Chemistry; Spectroscopy; Chemical Physics; Solar energy applications

since 2023


United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates

College of Science
Chemistry Department
Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

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About me

I am working on the synthesis of different light active materials, such as environmentally friendly quantum dots and Covalent organic frameworks. These materials  interact with light and produce charges, which then can be used in solar cell application and solar fuel production. In doing so, I am using wide range of laser spectroscopy techniques to study and improve those materials to achieve higher solar energy conversion efficiency.

As a faculty member at United Arab Emirates University, I am very motivated to foster international and interdisciplinary collaboration in research on new patterns of value creation and knowledge management such as Middle Eastern Studies, Sociology, Museology, and Environmental Science.

I aim to play a vital role in the international and Arab-German research community of photoactive materials focusing on green energy solutions.

Academic career
2023 - todayAssistant prof. at Chemistry Department, COS, UAEU, UAE
2021 - 2022Research associate at Physical Chemistry, Uppsala University, Sweden
2019 - 2020Visiting researcher at Chemistry Department, DTU, Denmark
2016 - 2018Postdoc at Physical Chemistry, Uppsala University, Sweden