Claudia Böhme

 Claudia Böhme
  • Social & Cultural Anthropology

Areas of Expertise:
Migration from Africa and Arab countries to Europe; Migration and social media; Media & digital anthropology; Transnational popular culture, especially film; Cultural negotiation processes

since 2021


Trier University, Germany

Department of Sociology/Anthropology
Universitätsring 15
54296 Trier

+49 651 201 2710
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About me

I am a post-doc researcher at Trier University, Germany, investigating the influence of social media and smartphones on the development of transit sites of migration and their role in the process of confidence-building, with a focus on refugees from East Africa. Moreover, I investigate the challenges of the current Covid-19 pandemic for people in displacement and how they perceive and deal with the pandemic. I contribute to AGYA with my anthropological expertise and long experience of fieldwork in Africa. Becoming part of AGYA’s large network of scholars from Arab countries and Germany enables me to find partners for a fruitful exchange of ideas for research on Arab-German and African-Arab relations in the field of migration, social media, and popular culture. 

At AGYA, I can find new partners for research cooperation at the universities that are part of the AGYA network and friends to improve my Arabic.

Academic career
2020 - 2022

Postdoctoral researcher in DFG-funded project: “Trust Building and Future Construction via Smartphones and Social Media at Transit Locations of Transnational Migration with the Example of Refugees from East Africa”, Chair of Anthropology, University of Trier, Germany

2015 - 2018 Academic Assistant at the Chair of Anthropology, Trier University, Germany

PhD in Anthropology, Department of Anthropology and African Studies, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany

2010 - 2015 Academic Assistant at the Institute of African Studies, University of Leipzig
2006 - 2010 Academic Assistant at the Department of Anthropology and African Studies, Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz, Germany
2005 MA in Anthropology and African Languages, University of Hamburg, Germany
My Commitment to AGYA
Member of the AGYA Steering Committee 2021-22
On a personal note

Must read in my discipline:
Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization by Arjun Appadurai

Favourite novel:
Heinrich Steinfest (2014), Der Allesforscher

The scientist from my country you should know:
Georg Forster (Anthropology)