Female Voices from the Field. Success Stories of Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture

Female Voices from the Field


Published: 2020

Policy Recommendations and Success Stories

This brochure provides an overview conference report, recapping the activities and achievements of the three-day event in Dubai, as well as a summary of the recommendations generated by participants in the final conference session. The brochure’s highlight, however, is the presentation of four ‘success stories’ of women in agriculture from the Arab world and Germany. The idea to publish such detailed profile stories of conference participants sprang from participants themselves following a particular conference session entitled ‘Voices from the Field’, in which women shared the unique perspectives, struggles and lessons learned from their work and experiences in various facets of agriculture. Participants found the insight into other women’s real-life experiences to be one of the most valuable, inspiring exchanges they had in this regard. This brochure marks an important first step in achieving more exposure and wider circulation for women’s powerful stories of success in agriculture.