Working Group Meeting

Internationalizing Higher Education Systems

Practical Training

The Working Group Arab and German Education organises a practical hybrid training for representatives of quality assurance departments at universities and AGYA members. The aim of this Working Group Meeting is to enable universities in Libya and Palestine to achieve EUR-ACE® accreditation for their study programs in the field of Engineering. 

EUR-ACE® is an accreditation system and provides a set of standards that identifies high-quality engineering degree programmes in Europe and abroad. Libya and Palestine were chosen for this initial training as they are two examples of countries that are heavily hit by conflict and where the education system is lacking international compatibility. Gained experiences and developed materials from this pilot project are applicable to support the accreditation process of other study programs beyond the two reference countries.

Partners from EUR-ACE® Accreditation and EUR-ACE Accreditation Agency AEER will conduct this hybrid training with online sessions for all participants complemented by practical sessions in the local hubs in Benghazi and Hebron. The participants will be introduced to the origins and development stages of the international accreditation systems, regulatory documents, basic principles, and the main elements of international accreditation.

Disciplines Involved
Engineering, Mathematics, Economic Geography, Mechanical Engineering
Cooperation Partner
Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine
Event Date
23 - 25 November 2021
Libya: Barnichy Hotel, Benghazi
Palestine: Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron
Project Title
Reforming Higher Education Systems: A Practical Training Seminar on Accreditation Procedures
Funding Scheme
Working Group Meeting
Working Group
Arab and German Education
Countries Involved
Libya, Palestine, Germany