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Math on the Next Level: AGYA’s 2nd Math Olympiad Camp

Math Camp

Reaching the next mathematical level – That was the proclaimed goal of the 50 students and 50 teachers who participated in the 2nd AGYA Math Olympiad Camp in Doha from 23 to 25 November 2017.

Following up on the first camp in January 2017, the Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) in cooperation with Texas A&M University at Qatar continued to provide young participants aged between 14 and 16 with an outstanding opportunity to engage in mathematical activities and foster their talents with the 2nd AGYA Math Olympiad Camp in Doha. ‘This time we received more than 350 applications from students and teaching volunteers’, says AGYA Member Ahmad El-Guindy, initiator of the AGYA Math Camp.

Solving mathematical challenges by learning new problem-solving techniques and mathematical concepts was at the heart of the 2nd AGYA Math Olympiad Camp and served as an ideal preparation for international math competitions, such as the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). The IMO is one of the oldest and most respected international competitions for young talents. During the camp the participants did not only gain precious insights on how to deal with problems that are tested in international math competitions, but also engaged in training sessions to foster their skills with the help of German and Qatari trainers. The intense exchange on mathematical problem solving techniques ranged from the mathematic concepts of “inequalities” and “geometries” to “number theory” and gave the participants new challenging input on their way to reach their personal next level in mathematics. Each training session was preceded by a lecture of three highly experienced trainers and successful participants of the International Math Olympiad (IMO) from Germany. The students and teachers were highly enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in the 2nd AGYA Math Olympiad Camp: 'My personal interest in mathematics has tremendously grown during the camp: In the lectures I could further deepen my knowledge and understanding of mathematics, the subsequent training sessions helped me to directly apply the gained knowledge and to work on mathematical problems under the supervision and guidance of the trainers’, concluded one of the student participants about the math cam experience.

Math Competition as excellent training field

Being a major addition to the first AGYA Math Camp in Doha an internal competition on the third day of the camp served as an excellent training field for the students of whom many wish to engage in international math competitions. The following winners of the AGYA math competition were awarded during the International AGYA Panel Discussion on 'Mathematics and Internationalization: Innovative Approaches in Research and Education' on 26 November 2017:

Male students:
1 Prize: Elias Caeiro
2 Prize: Ishwar Karthik
3 Prize: Sai Prajwal

Female students:
1 Prize: Marwa Malluhi
2 Prize: Mathael Alnaimi
3 Prize: Raneem Ahmed Ali

With the common goal of fostering their mathematical knowledge in mind, a first group of academics, teachers and students even used the opportunity to team up and establish a monthly meeting of math enthusiasts in Doha. ‘We cultivated a group of like-minded math enthusiasts’, summarises El-Guindy. ‘We were successful in taking that passion for math beyond the surface level and plunged deep into concepts like geometry and number theory in an inspiring environment.’

The camp was organized by the AGYA working group Arab and German Education members Ahmad El-Guindy, associate professor of mathematics at Texas A&M at Qatar together with his AGYA colleagues Andreas Fischer, Laith Al-Shawaf, Kalman Graffi and Vanessa Lux.

Camp Material:

Lecture 1: Inequalities - Transcript

Lecture 2: Geometry - Transcript

Lecture 3: Number Theory - Transcript

Main Objectives:

  • Attracting young students at an early stage to science and fostering their talents
  • Developing didactic concepts and materials
  • Broadening scientific and cultural horizons and enhancing skills as competent global citizens Network & Exchange
  • Providing high caliber training for participating Arab countries (train the trainers)
  • Establishing a mentorship network connecting high school math and science teachers to Arab and German scientists
  • Providing academic support in developing didactic materials
  • Supporting the participation of Arab countries in the International Math Olympiad for high school students
  • Implementing at a second stage bilateral math and science camps for scientific & intercultural exchange
Texas A&M University at Qatar, Doha/Qatar
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2nd AGYA Math Olympiad Camp
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Working Group Project
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Arab and German Education
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Qatar, Egypt, United States of America, Germany