Working Group Project

Food Security, Migration and Climate Change


Our food system, our economies, our communities are all adapted to the climate we currently live in. Therefore, climate change affects these aspects. Food availability, food accessibility, food utilization and food systems stability are strongly linked to dimensions of climate change. Agricultural based livelihood systems face the increasing risk of crop failure and the loss of livestock due to extreme weather events and new patterns of disease. As a consequence, large parts of rural population are likely to suffer displacement, loss of livelihoods, and forced migration.
The workshop brought together AGYA members and high ranking experts from Arab countries, Greece and Germany to discuss the links between food security, migration and climate change. They aimed to present research results and approaches from a wide range of disciplines regarding food availability in times of climate change and migration movements.
The workshop was realized in cooperation with the Agricultural University Athens (AUA).
The event included the following panel sessions:
    •    Effects of Climate Change on Food Security
    •    Key Importance of Agricultural Genomics
    •    Migration Pressure on Food Availability and Distribution
    •    Non-Conventional Crops & Food Security
    •    Environmental Impacts on Food, Water and Energy
    •    Water Scarcity and Food Safety