Hip-Hop in the Arab World and Kuwait

Published: 2022
New Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 11, No. 1 & 2


It is no wonder that young generations around the globe as well as in the Arab World are attracted to hip hop music that absorbs a load of incompatible emotions in a world of many conflicts and contradictions. The American roots of hip hop culture attract the young generation in the Arab World. This article examines examples from Arab and Gulf hip hop culture. A successful and distinguished Kuwaiti hip hop duo, Sons of Yusuf, has been interviewed to highlight their experience using bilingualism and reflecting on their traditions and culture. The group has worked hard to showcase the new factors that they have introduced to the knowledge of music in Kuwait and to the music life in the Arab World in general. Considering their lyrics and choices, Sons of Yusuf aim to express a Khaleeji identity that embraces history, tradition, and collective memory.