Lalla Btissam Drissi

AGYA Alumni Jointly building bridges into the future

 Lalla Btissam Drissi
  • Physics

Areas of Expertise:
Mathematical physics; Numerical simulations; Statistical and quantum physics; Quantum dots; Topological matters; Physics of 2D emergent materials

2013 - 2018


Mohammed V University-Agdal, Morocco

Faculty of Science
Department of Physics
Av. IBN Battouta
Agdal, Rabat

+212 (0)537 77 1834

About me

In the framework of AGYA, Samir Lounis and I were able to establish sustainable scientific collaboration between our respective institutes in Morocco and Germany in the highly competitive field of nanomaterial research. This knowledge exchange has significantly boosted our research capacities in Rabat

As a Moroccan research physicist, AGYA has given me an excellent opportunity to promote my academic activities and enrich my research through interdisciplinary perspectives.  Through AGYA, I have been able to develop a large Arab-German network in my field of study that includes not only AGYA members and alumni, but also other experts and outstanding researchers from the Arab world and Germany. This network has enhanced my Moroccan university and research team’s ability to cooperate with other researchers and institutions across borders, and has provided us with opportunities to develop innovative joint research projects and collaborative interdisciplinary activities aimed at transferring knowledge. 

Participation in AGYA activities has allowed me to share my vision and exchange ideas with diverse participants and audiences. Together with my colleagues in AGYA’s Working Group on Energy, Water and Environment, I have coordinated four international workshops and conferences in Morocco that have provided interesting interdisciplinary platforms for presenting recent advances and research results. In a project developed for the 2018 AGYA Idea Competition, I had the chance to discover and support emerging talents across a wide range of disciplines, from engineering to the social and natural sciences, as well as economics and the liberal arts.