Working Group Project

Nanotechnology Applications in Energy, Environment and Health

Nanotechnology is a novel and emerging field with many chances and benefits yet also with many potential risks. So should we be worried about nanotechnology applications? The international AGYA workshop brought together experts in Rabat, Morocco, to debate benefits and challenges of nanotechnology applications.

The enormous investments in nanotechnology suggest that in the near future, nanotechnology will be ubiquitous and play a role in the life of every single person on the planet. Nanoparticles will be abundant in work environments, consumer products, and the environment.

To promote a sustainable development of nanotechnologies, to minimize potential hazards for consumers, workers and eco-systems, it is crucial to put more effort into investigating the behaviour of nanoparticles when embedded in products and to assess the risks, side by side with nanotechnology research and development.

The participants of this international AGYA workshop addressed the scientific, social and economic challenges of multidisciplinary research and development efforts involving nanotechnologies.