Salon Sophie Charlotte 2017

Rebellion, Transformation, Re-Configuration

AGYA proudly participated in the prestigious 'Salon Sophie Charlotte' for the very first time on 21 January 2017. Held yearly in the premises of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the 'Salon Sophie Charlotte' welcomes the general public to learn more about the work of renowned international scholars on current political, social, academic, and artistic developments. Following the event’s central theme for 2017, 'Rebellion, revolutions, or reforms?', AGYA’s contribution focused on 'Rebellion, Transformation, Re-Configuration'. The event was hosted by AGYA Principal Investigator and AGYA member Verena Lepper.

Arabist Stephan Procházka outlined the great significance of pop music for the Egyptian revolution in 2011. The music-installation 'Pro – Contra – In between' provided a lively impression of the unrelenting opposition between the advocates and opponents of the Arabellions in Egypt. AGYA members Hanan Badr, Sarhan Dhouib, Fatima Kastner and Florian Kohstall, in conversation with journalist Anne François Weber, reported on the impact of the political uprisings on various academic disciplines in the MENA region. In a second panel, Syrian celebrity chef Fadi Alauwad gave a sample of his culinary skills as well as an impression of his personal migration history. AGYA member Vanessa Lux presented AGYA’s 'Policy Report on Migration'. The report catalogues several recommendations on how to adequately respond to the recent migration movements within the higher education sector. Sherry Basta and Mark Halawa-Sarholz introduced the new AGYA project 'Adopt an Academic, a mentoring program which seeks to reintegrate refugee scholars into the academic landscape of their host countries. The Egyptian-German TARKIBA band concluded the evening and invited AGYA’s guests to experience the sound of the 'Arab Spring'.

Program 'Rebellion, Transformation, Re-Konfiguration'

18h30 Stimmen der Freiheit: Musik in der ägyptischen Revolution
Stephan Procházka (Arabist, Wien)

19h00 Pro – Contra – In between
Musikinstallation von Pop-Songs für und gegen die Revolution in Ägypten

19h30 Rebellion und Transformation in den Wissenschaften nach 2011
Sarhan Dhouib (Philosoph, Tunis/Hannover, AGYA-Mitglied), Hanan Badr (Kommunikationswissenschaftlerin, Kairo/Berlin, AGYA-Mitglied), Fatima Kastner (Sozialwissenschaftlerin, Bielefeld, AGYA-Mitglied), Florian Kohstall (Politikwissenschaftler, Berlin/Kairo, AGYA-Mitglied)
Moderation: Anne Françoise Weber

20h30 Pro – Contra – In between
Musikinstallation von Pop-Songs für und gegen die Revolution in Ägypten

21h00 Wege zur Re-Konfiguration: Migration aus arabisch-deutscher Perspektive
Fadi Alauwad (syrischer Star-Koch, Aachen), Vanessa Lux (Psychologie, Bochum, AGYA-Mitglied), Sherry Basta & Mark Halawa-Sarholz (AGYA-Projekt „Adopt an Academic“)
Moderation: Anne Françoise Weber

22h00 Rebellische Klangwelten
Musikperformance der TARKIBA-Band mit anschließendem Künstlergespräch
TARKIBA: Adham Elsaid (Gesang), Muhammad Faisal (Bassgitarre), Ismail Fawzy (Gesang, Gitarre/Oud), Muhammad Raafat (Schlagzeug)
Moderation: Anne Françoise Weber

Date and Venue

21 January 2017
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW), Berlin, Germany