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Quantum Materials & Energy Technologies

Summer School

Imagine power that can be stored and then transported across the national power grid without loss of energy. Imagine future computers that can perform calculations a million times faster than today’s most powerful supercomputers at only a tiny fraction of the energy cost. And imagine smart buildings, smart furniture, and smart clothes — all made from materials that can change their properties on demand to carry out the functions we need. This gives you a glimpse of the future use of technologies.

Interdisciplinary plattform for knowledge exchange

Focusing on the future of energy storage and applications, the summer school on ‛Quantum Materials for Energy Technologies’ provides a much-needed interdisciplinary platform for Arab-Arab-German knowledge exchange. Above all, the summer school should enable students and scientists to meet again in person, to exchange ideas and to deepen already existing and mostly digitally forged connections. The aim is to present current trends of energy materials research at both tutorial as well as state-of-the-art level.

An international and interdisciplinary team of experts will train and exchange with 20 Arab and German students. Next to input lectures with Q&A sessions, the participating students will have the opportunity to showcase and discuss their own research in poster sessions.

The conference Arab Innovation Forum on Sustainability Development Goals (AIFSDG) is taking place parallel to the AGYA Summer School and creates an additional networking effect.



Call for Participation

The summer school provides the participants with the following cutting-edge theoretical and methodological knowledge on research of innovative materials as well as with aspects of outreach and science communication:

  • Synthesis and characterization of different types of materials,
  • Materials development for energy systems,
  • Explanation of working principles of various energy-based materials for further applications,
  • Design of energy materials from a theoretical point of view,
  • Outreach and science communication in the field of new materials: Working Outside the Lab


Eligible for participation are graduate students:

  • with a background in the natural sciences and technical sciences,
  • graduated between 2018 to 2021 (Master student or early PhD stage)
  • graduated from Arab or German universities or research institutions,
  • with a very good command of English,
  • who conduct a research project related to materials and energy technologies.

Application Documents to be send in ONE PDF file to summerschool22(at)

  • Curriculum vitae (max. two pages)
  • Abstract for poster presentation (max. of 1000 words)
  • Motivation letter (max. one page)
  • Copy of Bachelor/Masters certificates

Important Dates

25 April 2022: Submission deadline
28 April 2022: Notification of selected applicants
15 – 17 May 2022: Summer school in Jordan

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Disciplines Involved
Material Sciences, Physics, Energy Engineering
Event Date
15 - 17 May 2022
Amman, Jordan
Cooperation Partner
Arab Open University/Jordan
Project Title
AGYA Summer School Quantum Materials for Energy Relevant Technologies
Funding Scheme
Working Group Meeting
Working Group
Energy, Water and Environment
Countries Involved
Germany, Jordan