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Lost in Metropolization

Conference & Workshop

Conference: ‘Housing and Identity in the Context of Metropolization’
Metropolization – characterized by a high density of population inside the city, a considerable urban development and a multitude of bordering districts with a high number of residential spaces – is a global phenomenon. It was made possible by the increased mobility of capital, as well as by the technological progress and the decrease of the cost of transportation and data processing. In the process of urbanization, a particular importance has been granted to both public facilities and infrastructures. In this same optics, urban planners often tried to follow a general plan, in order to realize a coherent assemblage of various districts and dwellings around an attractive and modern center. As a result, metropolization caused global standardization of the architectural and urban production, to the detriment of representing the identity and culture of the local population.

The objective of this international conference is to analyse and compare housing in the context of metropolization from an interdisciplinary perspective. The aim is to discuss the effects of identity and lifestyle on architecture and urbanism and vice versa, and to reflect on conceptions of “home”. The approach of the conference will not consider the construction process and economic aspects as independent from the social context. Today, the challenge of achieving sustainable housing is as much technical as cultural. A broader view of inhabitants’ welfare is necessary, a perspective about the consequences of today's actions of local decision-makers is required, and the full involvement of civil society to reach viable solutions is becoming more than ever imperative. That is why citizen’s participation must be significant, committed and constructive. This conference will prioritise case studies about housing projects achieved in the context of metropolization, and will give emphasis to Arab and European metropolis and the contrast between their local identity, their cultural aspirations and needs.

The international online conference took place on 14-15 October 2020 and was directly followed by an international online workshop for architects on 16 October 2020.

Workshop: ‘Innovative Approaches on Housing and Metropolization’ 
In this workshop, participants were invited to bring forward and discuss innovative approaches challenging the contemporary housing projects. The approaches emphasized the local identity and lifestyle in the context of housing projects. They were asked to make architectural and urban recosmmendations in the aim to strengthen the affordability, flexibility and adaptability of housing projects to people’s culture and needs.


A street in Algier

AGYA/Lilia Makhloufi

Disciplines Involved
Architecture, Urban Studies, Archeology
14-15 October 2020
16 October 2020
Project Title
Lost in Metropolization – Going Beyond the Material Dimension of Housing
Funding Scheme
Tandem Project
Countries Involved
Algeria, Germany