Oliver Korn

AGYA Alumni Jointly building bridges into the future

 Oliver Korn
  • Computer Sciences

Areas of Expertise:
Affective computing; Assistive technologies; Gaming and gamification

2016 - 2021


Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Faculty Media and Information
Badstr. 24
77652 Offenburg

+49 781 205 4690
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About me

My overall vision is to enrich our environments by intuitive interfaces, “intelligent” assistive systems and motivating games, which adapt to the users and the context. I pursue this aim at Offenburg University as a full professor for Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Director of Affective & Cognitive Institute (ACI) and as founder and director of the software company KORION GmbH.

Within the AGYA community, I contributed in projects related to the fields of assistive technologies and affective computing. This involved projects on the digital transformation of society, especially with respect to work. I think that the quickly changing countries organized in AGYA are especially well suited for developing and evaluating context-aware solutions for learning, working and public security. In this inspiring environment, I would also like to promote the international exchange of both researchers and students.