Social Robots – A Science Comic

Cover Page

2020 Affective & Cognitive Institute ACI

Published: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-9822778-0-6

With the advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and affective computing, the relationship between robots and humans in society is changing. What has long been a fantasy projected into a faraway future is now becoming reality. But are we ready to include robots in our daily lives? Do we really want them to be part of our most private matters? Does this feel human at all? While some may perceive this future as bright and promising, the majority probably anticipates this development with reluctance, if not fear.
It goes without saying that ethical discussions related to questions of dignity and empathy need to accompany this fast developing technology. Embedded in an exciting crime story, the science comic provides insight into current developments in the field of social robots and fuels a much-needed public debate.
The story takes place in the near future. The first social robots to be deployed in the health care sector are being tested. In a research lab in Germany, a nursing robot prototype destined for the elderly care in Kuwait is being developed. Suddenly, the robot disappears without a trace. Oliver Korn, AGYA member and director of the lab, and his team are devastated. For Kira, the young and ambitious inspector, it is the first case in her career. In the course of her investigations, she learns a lot about social robots, artificial intelligence and the world of international scientific cooperation. One question crystallizes: Does the perpetrator come from the ranks of the scientists?

This 72-page comic is published in DIN A4 portrait format. It is available free of charge in German and English. It is also available in print for a nominal fee. Please visit the ACI Website for further information. Enjoy the reading!