Combining Science with Entertainment: AGYA Science Comic Wins Science Outreach Slam

Combining Science with Entertainment: AGYA Science Comic Wins Science Outreach Slam

The AGYA Science Outreach Slam was a live-competitive event designed to showcase in 7-minutes-presentations the scientific projects that succeeded in gaining the public’s interest in science. The contestants were young scholars coming from different Arab countries and Germany. A jury of renowned Kuwaiti and German experts advised the audience by commenting on each project. The audience then had to decide on a winner by applauding the loudest to the research project that engaged society with its science. A decibel-meter was used to measure the loudest ovation. The audience had a tough task choosing between the outstanding projects and phenomenal research, but there could be only one winner.

With his presentation on the 'AGYA Science Comic' in Kuwait, AGYA member, Dr. Jan Friesen, won the first place. 'The AGYA Science Jinn sets out to explain scientific revelations in the fields of bioenergy and environment' said Friesen. The AGYA Science Comic, which was launched on 26 January 2018 in Berlin, featured the AGYA Science Jinn, whose first mission is pictured in the graphic novel 'The Rise of the Incredible Salty Salicornia Power Plant' about the next botanic superhero of all times – the powerful Halophyte.

Other contestants from Germany and Arab countries presented their work on projects as diverse as social robots, Fishackathon, Fablabs, Math Olympiad Camp, and active learning in higher education.  The participating contestants come also from a variety of backgrounds, covering topics ranging from social sciences and humanities to pharmaceutics, computer science and engineering.

Guidance and Advice to All Contestants

Following each presentation, the participants benefited from the comments and scientific advice of the jury. The jury’s review process was based on three criteria: social impact of the project, the quality of the idea and its success in engaging society with its science. A good presentation was essential so that both the jury and audience could appreciate the quality of the project. The jury was comprised of three renowned experts in their fields: Prof. Dr. Ali Ansari, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Gulf University of Science and Technology, Ms. Marion Chehab, representative of the German Chamber of Commerce in Kuwait and Dr. Abdul Majid AlShatty, Board Member of the Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity.

Science Communication Platform of Excellent Research Projects in the Arab World and Germany

The AGYA Science Outreach Slam offers a platform for young scholars to showcase their achievements outside of the formal constraints of a research lab. The AGYA public event 'Let’s Talk about Science! The AGYA Science Outreach Slam' was organized in partnership with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) and hosted by the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait (GUST). The event brought together both topics of science communication and public engagement of scholars. Furthermore, it offered an excellent opportunity for young scholars to share their passion about their research and make their work visible to the public while inspiring others pursuing their research career. It aimed also to promote cooperation between Arab-Arab and Arab-German young scholars. Contestants benefited from the networking opportunities as well as the guidance of the prominent jury members.

Date and Venue of the Activity

23 April 2018
Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait

Pictures by AGYA