AGYA at the 'Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften' 2023 in Berlin

An Evening of Knowledge and Curiosity

Every year numerous science and research institutions open their doors for the Long Night of Science and invite people to  explore the rich landscape of academic and scientific inquiry in Berlin and Brandenburg. AGYA participated with a lively  program, highlighting the interdisciplinary research of its members and offering a platform for interested Berliners to engage directly with AGYA’s members in personal and exciting dialogue.

Walkway to Enlightenment(s) – Fresh Knowledge in a Surprising Urban Biosphere

Visitors of the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Science and Humanities (BBAW) walked a few meters from the busy streets of the city into an overflowing garden in the heart of Berlin. There, AGYA made current research tangible in interactive installations presenting plants as superheroes for medicine and food security, decolonial and feminist voices of Enlightenment(s), and resource efficient cities of the future with a DIY manual for Urban Vertical Farming.

AGYA Soapbox Talks – New Insights amidst the Scent of Historic Roses

In this thought-provoking and engaging environment, AGYA members held Soapbox Talks presenting  their intriguing research, including:

  • The Weeds of Marathon and Emperor Nero's Wedding Gift
    by AGYA Co-President Konstantin M. Klein, History, Amsterdam, on premodern attitudes to plant extinction, neophytes, and changes in biodiversity
  • Understanding Fatherhood in Arab Berlin
    by AGYA member Sascha Hein, Education & Psychology, Berlin, and Nora Fiedler, Developmental Science and Applied Developmental Psychology, Berlin, on their emerging findings from a study on the well-being of Arab families in Berlin
  • Challenging the Grand Narrative – Feminist and Decolonial Perspectives on the Enlightenments(s)
    by AGYA member Luise Fischer, Human Geography, Leipzig, on different understandings of "Enlightenment(s)", paying particular attention to current academic debates about the plurality of its meaning, and elaborating feminist and decolonial perspectives

The manifold talks and encounters inspired visitors to carry the sense of curiosity and the desire for exploration from the Garden of Enlightenment(s) into the lively streets of the metropolis and their own lives. AGYA effectively encapsulated the essence of connection and inspiration sought by the Long Night of Science, fostering a link between knowledge generation and public curiosity.

Date and Venue

17 July 2023

Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (BBAW), Germany

Cooperation Partner

Susanne Fünfstück, BBAW Property Management