Nuha Al-Shaar

AGYA Alumni Jointly building bridges into the future

 Nuha Al-Shaar
  • Arabic & Islamic Studies

Areas of Expertise:
Political Islamic thought and ethics; Adab literary traditions; Storytelling, narrative and ethics; Hadith, performance, and ethics

2014 - 2019


American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Department of Arabic & Translation Studies
College of Arts & Sciences
P.O. Box 26666
United Arab Emirates

+971 567 601 150

About me

AGYA has provided me with an intellectual family and friendships with talented individuals. It is a wonderful platform for exploring ideas and innovative interdisciplinary projects. 

From 2014 to 2019, I was a member of the Working Group on Common Heritage and the Working Group on Education. Together with fellow AGYA members, I organized a number of interdisciplinary events, like a 2018 workshop in Morocco on ‘Gender Equality in the Arab World and Germany: Challenges and Perspectives’; a 2018 panel discussion in Tunisia entitled ‘Teaching Literature at the Higher Education Level: The Scientific Mind and Experimental Pedagogies’; a 2018 conference on ‘Storytelling, Travel Writing, and Seafaring from Cross-cultural Perspectives’; and a 2019 conference in Italy on ‘Discovering Common Roots: Sicily and the Mediterranean – A History of Pluralistic Traditions.’ 

Now, as proud AGYA alumna, I remain actively involved in editing a collection of papers from a 2017 AGYA Tandem Project on ‘Sicily and Its Pluralistic Traditions’; editing a book on ‘Travel Writing and Storytelling Across Cultures’ with fellow AGYA member Beate Ulrike La Sala; and working with Barbara Winckler, Beate Ulrike La Sala, and Jenny Oesterle-El Nabbout to produce a contribution to the Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien’s book series titled ‘Areas and Disciplines’.

My Commitment to AGYA
Former Member in Charge of the Working Group 'Common Heritage and Common Challenges'
Selection Committee 'New AGYA Members' 2015

My advice to future AGYA members

Make the most of the wonderful opportunity to be a member of AGYA. Embrace every moment and get actively involved! 

On a personal note

Must read in my discipline:
Recognition in the Arabic Narrative Tradition by Philip Kennedy 

Favourite novel:
Al-Shira’ wa al-‘Asifa by Hanna Mina

Best thinker/scientist from my country:
Aziz al-Azmeh