Tandem Project

Teaching in Times of a Pandemic


When the Corona pandemic suddenly shut down universities and institutes of Higher Education, teachers and university instructors found themselves in a new digital era of knowledge transfer, for which they were not prepared. Therefore, a training workshop was organized by AGYA members Dr. Mohammad Adm and Prof. Dr. Bassam Alameddine to equip participants from Palestine, Germany, and the Arab World with new skills needed for online teaching. 

The digital tools we are now implementing in our teaching will be beneficial even after the pandemic. It will ease exchange and foster equal access to education as well as international exchange.

AGYA member Mohammad Adm

About 40 fellows from Germany, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia participated in three interdisciplinary groups in the three-day workshop. They received training in theories and methods of teaching and learning in higher education, using digital tools and online platforms for their teaching activities. The participants shared and advanced their existing knowledge of innovative aspects of teaching and learning in higher education. The workshop was conducted by trainers from the Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Palestine Polytechnic University

‘We encouraged all participants to share challenges they experienced during the past year of online teaching. After all, the experiences were quite similar despite the different respective educational contexts and models. The workshop offered the forum to develop solutions, learn with interactive presentations, and hands-on activities. It really can be seen as a best-practice example of shared and integrative knowledge production. We highly encouraged all participants to transfer the newly gained skills into their respective scientific communities.’
Dr. Adnan Shehadeh, Trainer and head of the Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Palestine Polytechnic  University

Online presentation

AGYA/Mohammad Adm

Disciplines Involved
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Political Science, Literature Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Economics, Media and Communication Studies
Cooperation Partner
Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine
Project Title
Training Workshop: Innovation in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education During COVID-19 Restrictions
Funding Scheme
Tandem Project
Countries Involved
Palestine, Kuwait, Germany, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia