Tandem Project

Knowledge-Transfer and Awareness of EMS Technology in Oman

Training and Workshops

With the introduction of EMS technology (electrical muscle stimulation) to the treatment of cholesterol level-related diseases, the project tackles a major health problem by which the Middle East and Europe are heavily affected. Physical training and exercises are known to help reduce the development of chronic diseases and have a positive effect on individuals with high cholesterol levels. During traditional strength training, the brain sends bioelectrical impulses, which cause certain muscles to contract. However, not all muscles have a well-developed connection to the brain, and these muscles are not as easily activated, therefore they will not develop so well. However, EMS technology features low-strength electrical impulses and directly stimulates deep muscles areas, thus deceiving the body’s natural reactions and training almost 100% of the musculature.

The approach and usage of EMS technology already exists in some countries such as Germany and United Arab Emirates, as a field of research in numerous sport science institutions. Since EMS technology is virtually inexistent in Oman, the aim of this project is to introduce this novel technology to Oman in light of international knowledge transfer from Dubai and Germany through trainings and workshops.

One of the trainings had been conducted in Muscat where EMS technology had been introduced to sport science students at the Sultan Qaboos University and physical trainers from local fitness centres. The participants were taught about the EMS equipment, training program concepts and its pros and cons, and were also able to test it within a hands-on workshop. The training was organised by AGYA member Dr. Majid Al-Busafi.

Further trainings on state-of-the-art EMS technology will be provided for Dr. Majid Al-Busafi during several research visits in Germany. The gained experience and knowledge will be used in the framework of technology awareness workshops at sport science institutions, sport clubs, and fitness centres in Muscat, Salalah, Sur, and Al Buraimi throughout the year 2022. Physical data and personal opinions on this new technology will be collected not only on well-trained people but also on a group of cholesterol patients. The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of EMS technology on different fitness levels. Moreover, the effect of different music styles on this group played during EMS training sessions will be studied with the support of AGYA member Dr. Rami Chahin

This project is the continuation of a survey designed for physician and cholesterol patients in Germany and Oman and conducted in the framework of an former AGYA Tandem Project.

Disciplines Involved
Sports Sciences, Health Sciences, Technical Engineering, Musicology
18-20 April 2022
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Cooperation Partner
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Project Title
Fitness Programs vs. Cholesterol Levels (Part II)
Funding Scheme
Tandem Project
Countries Involved
Germany, Oman, United Arab Emirates