Academic Inspiration & Mentoring (AIM) Program for Sudanese Researchers


Call for Participation

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Academic Inspiration & Mentoring Program for Sudanese Researchers (AIM) to support young Sudanese researchers (AIM). The program aims to offer support and mentoring to young scientists of Sudan whose careers are affected by the current violent political conflict in Sudan, which left many academic institutions incapable of operating and caused the displacement of a countless number of persons among which many researchers. Throughout a six-week online program, a group of approximately 30 participants will get the chance to attend online academic training and mentoring sessions. The carefully curated program provides insights and coaching for career development and building resilient research careers.

The program takes place exclusively online, to allow participants to attend regardless of their location.

Program Structure

In combination with a series of public online lectures, the mentoring program consists of two phases, connecting Sudanese researchers with the international academic community.  

Phase I of the academic training program covers essential topics with week-lectures designed to enhance researchers' capabilities and success. They include strategic approaches to research planning during crises, emphasising adaptability and foresight. Participants will also learn the importance of effectively communicating scientific findings to diverse audiences. The program fosters skills in academic networking and collaboration, vital for professional growth and innovation. Additionally, it introduces valuable e-resources to support academic endeavours, alongside practical tips for securing scholarships and grants. Finally, the program explores the know-how essential to becoming a successful scholar.

Phase II of the academic training program offers participants the chance to delve deeper into a topic of their choice through focus group sessions, each including approximately 5 participants together with an assigned mentor. These topics include advanced research planning strategies, comprehensive data analysis techniques, effective science communication methods, and career development opportunities. This phase allows for in-depth exploration and personalised learning to further enhance participants' expertise and professional growth in the area of their choice.

By facilitating direct interactions and engaging discussions, the Academic Inspiration & Mentoring Program (AIM) will foster an intellectually stimulating environment, encouraging the exchange of ideas and the exploration of innovative research paths. Moreover, the program will serve as an exceptional platform for international and interdisciplinary networking. Participants will have the opportunity to connect with professionals from different countries, establishing valuable relationships that may extend well beyond the confines of the project.


Phase I

  • Research Planning in Time of Crises
  • Outreach and Science Communication
  • Effective Academic Networking & Collaboration Skills
  • E-Resources for Productive Academics
  • Scholarships & Grants Applications
  • Career Planning and Growth

Phase II 
You can choose your preferred focus group

  • Research Planning and Proposal Writing
  • Data Collection and Analysis 
  • Science Communication 
  • Career Planning and Growth


Sudanese researchers who are currently located in or outside Sudan.

  • Graduate and postgraduate students from all disciplines of the technical, life, natural, social sciences and humanities as well as the arts.
  • Early career researchers from all disciplines (1-5 years post PhD)

Join us as we embark on this journey towards resilience in research and successful career paths!

Application Process & Required Documents

Interested applicants are invited to submit their application in English by 20 June 2024 to this link:
Or e-mail us the required documents at participation(at)

Please e-mail the following documents as a single PDF file:

  1. Application Form (starts download of MS Word file) 
  2. Curriculum vitae (not more than two pages)
  3. Proof of your work and/or studentship status
  4. Copy of Bachelor/Master/PhD degree certificates

Confirmation of participation will be sent by 24 June 2024.

For inquiries, kindly refer to Mr. Nasradeen A.H. Gabllah at nasri8025(at) Mr. Ahmed Hasoba at ahmedhasoba899(at)

Important Dates

  • 20 June 2024: Submission deadline
  • 24 June 2024: Notification of selected applicants 
  • 29 June 2024: Launching the program

Full text of the call

Members in Charge

The mentoring program is co-organized and delivered by a group of enthusiastic Sudanese scientists with outstanding research and mentoring experiences at excellent universities and research institutions around the world.

  • Dr. Altayeb Abdellatif, National Centre for Research, Sudan
  • Dr. Mai Mamoon, Agriculture Research Corporation, Sudan  
  • Dr. Tayseer Alhady Omer, University of Khartoum, Sudan  
  • Dr. Ali Omer, University of Vienna, Austria & University of Khartoum, Sudan 
  • Mr. Emad Yasin, University of Sopron, Hungary & University of Khartoum, Sudan