The Use of Photoactive Polymeric Nanoparticles and Nanofibers to Generate a Photodynamic-Mediated Antimicrobial Effect, with a Special Emphasis on Chronic Wounds

Published: 2024
Pharmaceutics 2024, 16(2), 229
ISBN: 1999-4923


This review is concerned with chronic wounds, with an emphasis on biofilm and its complicated management process. The basics of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy (PDT) and its underlying mechanisms for microbial eradication are presented. Intrinsically active nanocarriers (polydopamine NPs, chitosan NPs, and polymeric micelles) that can further potentiate the antimicrobial photodynamic effect are discussed. This review also delves into the role of photoactive electrospun nanofibers, either in their eluting or non-eluting mode of action, in microbial eradication and accelerating the healing of wounds. Synergic strategies to augment the PDT-mediated effect of photoactive nanofibers are reviewed.

Mohamed A. Abdel Khalek
Amr M. Abdelhameed
Sara A. Abdel Gaber