Synthesis, pharmacological evaluation, and in silico study of new 3-furan-1-thiophene-based chalcones as antibacterial and anticancer agents

Published: 2024
Heliyon, Volume 10, Issue 11
ISBN: 2405-8440


New 3-furan-1-thiophene-based chalcones were synthesized, characterized and pharmacologically evaluated as antibacterial and anticancer agents against two bacterial species; Gram-positive (Streptococcus pyogenes) and Gram-negative (Pseudomonas aeruginosa). All tested final compounds were active against the two bacterial species; S. pyogenes and P. aeruginosa. Especially compound AM4 showed large inhibition zone (27.13 and 23.30 mm), respectively. Using the DPPH assay, the new chalcones were evaluated for their free radical scavenging activity and found to reach up to 90 %, accomplished at a test concentration of 200 μg/mL. Furthermore, the chalcone derivatives were investigated against two breast cell lines; MCF-7 (cancerous) and MCF-10A (non-cancerous). Compound AM4 showed potent anticancer activity (IC50 = 19.354 μg/mL) in comparison to the other tested chalcone derivatives. In silico study was achieved using the PyRx AutoDock Vina software (0.8) to study the interaction types between the new hits and the binding sites of targeted proteins; glucosamine-6-phosphate synthase and tubulin, the target for antibacterial and anticancer drugs, respectively. Based on the molecular docking results the tested chalcones bind to the active pocket of the respective proteins, which support the in vitro results. In conclusion, 3-furan-1-thiophene-based chalcones could serve as new hits in the discovery of novel anticancer and/or antibacterial drugs.

Ahmed Mutanabbi Abdula
Ghosoun Lafta Mohsen
Bilal H. Jasim
Majid S. Jabir
Abduljabbar I.R. Rushdi
Younis Baqi