Recent progress on polySarcosine as an alternative to PEGylation: Synthesis and biomedical applications

Published: 2024
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Vol. 653
ISBN: 0378-5173


Biotherapeutic PEGylation to prolong action of medications has gained popularity over the last decades. Various hydrophilic natural polymers have been developed to tackle the drawbacks of PEGylation, such as its accelerated blood clearance and non-biodegradability. Polypeptoides, such as polysarcosine (pSar), have been explored as hydrophilic substitutes for PEG. pSar has PEG-like physicochemical characteristics such as water solubility and no reported cytotoxicity and immunogenicity. This review discusses pSar derivatives, synthesis, characterization approaches, biomedical applications, in addition to the challenges and future perspectives of pSar based biomaterials as an alternative to PEG.

Mohamed Fawzi Kabil
Hassan Mohamed El-Said Azzazy
Maha Nasr