Al Salon Illustrated

The Cover


Published: 2021


The graphic novel is the result of five events in the framework of a series of discussion circles entitled Al Salon. The ‘salon’ is a decades-old cultural practice that is deeply rooted in North Africa and West Asia where scholars, public intellectuals, poets, and activists gather to discuss pressing and current issues. In this vein, the AGYA Working Group Dynamics of Transformation, along with the Berlin-based collective of migrant artists and researchers, NAWARA Berlin, invited participants and guests directly from or adjacent to the North Africa and West Asia (NAWA) region to reflect on the past decades of Arab movements.

The graphic novel focuses on the insights of the invited guests on five main themes: Defeat; Second wave of uprisings; Politics of the urban poor; Recovery and healing; The role of the diaspora. It offers new perspectives on the conversations held in academia over this past decade, engaging activists, artists, and the wider public. In addition to documenting conversations of the different sessions, the project partners were working closely with a graphic artist, producing a graphic novel to depict the emotions, discussions, and thoughts shared during these sessions. In this light, the graphic novel serves as both, part of the documentation process itself and an outcome of the project.