Olfa Khelifi

AGYA Alumni Jointly building bridges into the future

 Olfa Khelifi
  • Engineering,
  • Environmental Studies

Areas of Expertise:
Water and wastewater management

2014 - 2019


University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia

Higher Institute of Applied Biological Sciences
9 Rue Zouheir Essafi
1006 Tunis

+216 215 751 52

About me

I am Assistant Professor at the Higher Institute of Applied Biological Sciences of Tunis and currently the President of the Maya Organization. I hold a PhD degree in Ecosystem Engineering from the University of Tokushima (Japan).

My main lecturing topics and research activities are devoted to the water, waste and wastewater management. I initiated various research programs and collaboration with other international universities such as the collaboration with the University of California at Davis (2012) and New South Wales University, Australia (2013).

With experience of several years in Environmental Engineering, I possess advanced practical and technical knowledge coupled with a passion for water conservation. I have solid experience working with cutting edge wastewater and water management, sustainability studies, and water reuse projects.

During my membership in AGYA, I implemented collaboration leading to innovative approaches and technologies for management of wastewater for agricultural uses.