Hiba N. Rajha

 Hiba N. Rajha
  • Process Engineering,
  • Biochemistry

Areas of Expertise:
Agrofood waste reuse; Biomolecule extraction, purification and nano-encapsulation; Biomolecules applications in cosmetics, pharmaceutics, and food; Innovation matchmaking and technology transfer

since 2021


IÉSEG School of Management, Paris, France

Faculty of Engineering, École Supérieure D'Ingénieurs De Beyrouth (ESIB)
Department of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering
Mar Roukos - Dekwaneh
Beirut 1107 2050

+961 788 215 68; +33763926764
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About me

I am currently pursuing an Executive MBA in Paris, aiming to combine my extensive background in process engineering and biochemistry with advanced business strategies. Formerly an assistant professor at Saint Joseph University of Beirut, my research focused on the valorization of agro-industrial by-products through innovative polyphenol extraction and nanotechnology, contributing to sustainable development in cosmetics and food industries. This new chapter in my career is dedicated to leading initiatives that integrate scientific innovation with strategic management to drive technological advancements and sustainability in global markets. Additionally, my current research explores the role of women in science and their impact on senior leadership, underscoring the importance of diversity in driving forward scientific and technological progress.

My AGYA membership allows me to be part of interdisciplinary research projects with high societal impact. It also allows me to help bridge cultures, empower women, and raise awareness to make the world a better place.

Academic career
2023 - todayExecutive MBA student at IÉSEG School of Management, Grande École, Paris, France
2020 - 2023Assistant professor in the Department of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon
2020 - 2022Member at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, USA
2019 - 2022Technical staff in the BESTMEDGRAPE, ENI CBCMED, European Union, project in the fields of grape valorization, waste exploitation and development of nanotechnological antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-neurodegenerative formulations
2021Winner of the l‘Oréal-Unesco For Women In Science Young Talent Award
2020 - 2021Winner of the IP Valorization Grants Program under the ACT Smart Innovation Hub
2016First Professional Prize in the Lebanese Industrial Research Achievement Award, Forum of Technology and Industrial Innovation, from the Ministry of Industry, Lebanon
2015 - 2019Process Engineering, Process engineering department, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), Paris
2012 - 2015Ph.D. in Life Sciences - Biochemistry from Faculty of Sciences, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon
2012 - 2015Ph.D. in Process Engineering, Process engineering department, Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), France
2010 - 2012Master’s Degree in research: Structure and Interaction of Macromolecules and Functional Genomics (S.I.M.G.F), Faculty of Sciences, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon
My Commitment to AGYA
Selection Committee 'New AGYA Members' 2022

On a personal note

Favourite novel:
The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

The scientist from my country you should know:
Emily Nasrallah, writer and women's rights activist