Franziska Lissel

 Franziska Lissel
  • Polymer and Organic Chemistry & Material Sciences

Areas of Expertise:
Sustainable electronics; Synthesis of electronically active materials; Polymer and organic electronics; Molecular electronics and machines

since 2022


Hamburg University of Technology & Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research, Germany

Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry
Hohe Str. 6
10629 Dresden

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About me

I am a Liebig fellow of the Fonds of the Chemical Industries Germany (FCI), Young Investigator of the Technical University Dresden and heading the “Functional Electronic Materials” at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research in Germany.

My group researches how to make electronic materials that are sustainable and smart, so that they can stretch, self-heal and also degrade after usage to prevent more electronic waste. Specifically, we (1) synthesize stretchable polymer semiconductors and mixed electric-ionic conductors, investigate their mechanical and electronic properties and how to dissemble them again; (2) design new materials for soft memory applications; (3) seek to understand and control the metal-organic interface to reduce power consumption of organic devices; (4) build molecular machines for new ways of energy storage; and (5) develop polymeric matrices for MALDI MS to allow researchers in the medical sciences to monitor small molecules such as metabolites.

Innovations and technological advancements are the pathway to a better future for humankind. I strive to know people from different cultural and vocational backgrounds to exchange ideas and grow in understanding. This motivated me to join AGYA.


Academic career
2023 - todayProfessor of Applied Polymer Physics, Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
2017 - todayGroup Leader, Leibniz-Institute of Polymer Research, Germany
2019 - 2023TU Dresden Young Investigator, Technical University Dresden, Germany
2018 - 2023Liebig Fellow of the Fonds of the Chemical Industries Germany
2020 - 2021Acting Professor Organic Chemistry, University of Jena, Germany
2014 - 2017SNF Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University, USA with research stay at King Abdullah University of Sciences and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia
2010 - 2014Ph.D., University of Zurich in collaborations with IBM Research, Switzerland
 Member of the Leibniz Mentoring Programme for Outstanding Female Researchers, Germany
 “Young Academic Macromolecular Chemistry” of the Society of German Chemists (GDCh), Germany


My Commitment to AGYA
Former Member of the AGYA Steering Committee (2022-2023)

On a personal note

Must read in my discipline:
Brighter than a thousand suns by Robert Jungk