Laith Al-Shawaf

AGYA Alumni Jointly building bridges into the future

 Laith Al-Shawaf
  • Psychology

Areas of Expertise:
Evolutionary psychology; Personality psychology, cognition, and emotion

2016 - 2021


University of Colorado, USA

Department of Psychology
1420 Austin Bluffs Parks
Colorado Springs, CO 80981

+1 719 255 4148
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About me

I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Colorado in the United States of America. Along with collaborators based in the United States, Australia, Croatia, Malta, Finland, and Germany, I conduct within-culture and cross-cultural research on human cognition and emotion.

My primary goal in AGYA was to use principles and findings from psychology and neuroscience to improve education in Germany and the Arab world. I was particularly interested in strengthening the way we teach young people science and philosophy. I used my membership in AGYA to contribute to increased exchange between scholars and students from different parts of the world, facilitating cross-border cooperation and cross-cultural collaboration rather than divisions along national and ethnic lines.