Amro Babiker Hassan Eltayeb

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 Amro Babiker Hassan Eltayeb
  • Environmental Studies

Areas of Expertise:
Postharvest pest control (application of physical control methods); Food safety; Food waste management

2018 - 2023


King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Department of Food Science and Nutrition
College of Food and Agricultural Sciences
King Saud University
P.O. Box 2460
Riyadh 11451
Saudi Arabia

+966 500204967

About me

I have been affiliated with the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at King Saud University since September 2019. From 2012 to 2018, I worked as an Assistant Professor in the Environment and Natural Resources and Desertification Research Institute (ENDRI) at the National Center for Research (NCR) in Sudan. From September 2017 to August 2018, having earned a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for Foreign Scholars, I conducted research on food safety as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Faculty of Science at Bern University.
My research broadly focuses on the application of physical treatments to eliminate pests that impact food storage, such as insects and fungi, and on how to improve the functional properties, nutrition, safety, and quality of agricultural products. I am also interested in the recycling of food waste and studying the utilization of agricultural waste products (e.g. from fruits, vegetables, and traditional foods) as a natural source of bioactive compounds.
Joining AGYA has a lot of social, cultural, and academic benefits. AGYA has a fabulous socio-academic network.

Within AGYA, I meet outstanding young scientists from diverse disciplines, who expand my perspective, enrich my knowledge, and, ultimately, enhance my academic performance.


My Commitment to AGYA
Task Force AGYA Annual Conference in Berlin Year (2019)
Nomination Committee 'New AGYA Members' 2020, 2022

On a personal note

Must read in my discipline:
Heat Treatments for Postharvest Pest Control: Theory and Practice edited by Juming Tang, Elizabeth Mitcham, Shaojin Wang, and Susan Lurie

Favourite novel:
موسم الهجرة الى الشمال [Season of Migration to the North] by Tayeb Salih 

The scientist from my country you should know:
Prof. Dr. Khalida Zahir (1927–2015), one of the first two women doctors in Sudan