Synthesis, Structural Characterization, Photo-Physical and Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Salphen Pseudo Halide Complexes Showing Meta-Magnetic Ordering

Published: 2018
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 452


The solvo-thermal syntheses of [(CoSalphen)2Co (SCN)2]n (1), CoSalphen(NH3)(N3)(2), Na[CoIIIsalphen(N3)2](3), Na[CoIIIsalen(N3)2](4) and CoIIIsalen(NH3)(N3) (5) {salphen = N,N’-o-phenylene-bis(salicylideneimine)} are reported. The structural studies using X-ray diffraction measurements revealed that 1 crystalizes in a monoclinic C2/c space group. Two cobalt (II) metal centers in penta-coordinated and octahedral local coordination environments are bridged via alternating O and μ1,3 SCN bridges resulting in a novel 2D layered coordination polymer. Compound 2 is a trivalent mononuclear cobalt azido complex with an octahedral coordination environment. The magnetic investigations of 1 revealed ferromagnetic coupling (J = +49.1 cm−1) and meta-magnetic ordering. Time resolved photoluminescence studies of the complexes showed excited state lifetimes of (τ1 = 0.4675 ns, τ2 = 5.23 ns) for 1 and (τ1 = 0.5078 ns, τ2 = 6.79 ns) for 2.