Synthesis of Iron(II) Clathrochelate-Based Poly(vinylene sulfide) with Tetraphenylbenzene Bridging Units and Their Selective Oxidation into Their Corresponding Poly(vinylene sulfone) Copolymers: Promising Materials for Iodine Capture

Published: 2022
Synthesis, Processing, Structure and Properties of Polymer Materials II


The development of a simple and efficient synthetic methodology to engineer functional polymer materials for gas adsorption is necessary due to its relevance for various applications. Herein, we report the synthesis of metalorganic poly(vinylene sulfide) copolymers CTP1-3 with iron(II) clathrochelate of various side groups connected by tetraphenylbenzene units. CTP1-3 were subsequently oxidized into their respective poly(vinylene sulfone) copolymers CTP4-6 under green reaction conditions. The target copolymers CTP1-6 were characterized using various instrumental analysis techniques. Examination of the iodine adsorption properties of the copolymers revealed high iodine uptake properties, reaching 2360 mg g−1 for CTP2, and whose reusability tests proved its efficient regeneration, thus proving the importance of iron(II) clathrochelate polymers in iodine capture.

Noorullah Baig
Suchetha Shetty
Sameh S. Habib
Ali A. Husain
Saleh Al-Mousawi
Bassam Alameddine