Local media in transitional fragile states: The cases of Iraq and Libya

Published: 2022
Journal of Alternative & Community Media, Volume 7, Issue 2, p. 137 - 155
ISBN: ISSN: 2634-4726


Local media that cater to their local communities are still rare in Arab countries due to government control and centralization of media production. In some transitional states, however, we observe a mushrooming of new local small media initiatives after regulation modes have changed. Yet, these media operate in often fragile states in which a sustainable development of autonomous media is difficult to achieve. In this study, we investigate how local media in Iraq and Libya unfolded and developed over the past decade(s) after regime change. We map the status quo and compare the proliferation of small local media in both countries against the backdrop of media capture and flawed media regulation – patterns that are typical for transitional states.