High Performance Graphene-based PVF Foam for Lead Removal from Water

Published: 2020
Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 9 (5)


The synthesis and optimization of superior and eco-friendly sorbents for Pb(II) pose a great challenge in the field of water treatment. The sorbent was developed by introducing graphene oxide (GO) into the matrix of polyvinyl formaldehyde (PVF) foam. The immobilization of GO in PVF results in significant increase in the maximum adsorption capacity (Qt) of GO powder for Pb(II), from ≈800 to ≈1730 mg g−1 in the case of GO/PVF foam. As compared with GO powder in Pb(II) aqueous solutions, PVF matrix keeps GO sheets stable without any agglomeration. The large surface area of GO sheet allows the abundant oxygenated functional groups on its surface to participate effectively in the Pb(II) adsorption process, leading to the huge increase of the Qt. Adsorption isotherms and kinetic studies indicated that the sorption process of Pb(II) on GO/PVF was done on heterogenous surface by ion-exchange reaction. The GO/PVF foam showed an excellent reusability for more than 10 cycles with almost the same efficiency and without any significant change in its physical properties.

Mohammed Yosef
Alaa Fahmy
Walid El Hotaby
Ali M. Hassan
Ahmed S. G. Khalil
Badawi Anis