Tobias Redlich

AGYA Alumni Jointly building bridges into the future

 Tobias Redlich
  • Production Engineering,
  • Manufacturing Technology

Areas of Expertise:
Manufacturing technology; Ideation and open innovation; Open source hardware; New product development; Fabrication laboratories; Value co-creation

2014 - 2019


Helmut Schmidt University, Germany

Institute of Production Engineering
Holstenhofweg 85
22043 Hamburg

+49 406 541 382 7
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About me

Enlightening personal experiences through AGYA are a great treasure that I will keep as an alumnus.

Joint research projects with my fellow AGYA members have taken me to FabLabs and Maker Spaces throughout the world, with a particular focus on Europe and Arab countries. I strive to spread the idea of FabLabs because I am convinced that they are crucial nuclei of innovation in today’s world of increasingly distributed production and value co-creation, and I believe they will only become more relevant in the future. FabLabs also help provide education and develop technical literacy where it is needed most – everywhere! Within AGYA, I have also appreciated the chance to get involved in other interdisciplinary projects initiated by AGYA members and working groups. Through these experiences, I have learned a lot regarding different disciplinary approaches, as well as regional and cultural differences.

My Commitment to AGYA
Former Member in Charge of the Working Group 'Innovation'
Selection Committee 'New AGYA Members'

My advice to future AGYA members

Being open to other disciplines, approaches, cultures and individual opinions is no easy task, but it’s well worth the effort.