Assem Abu Hatab

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 Assem Abu Hatab
  • Economics

Areas of Expertise:
Economics & sustainable management of natural resources; Food & agricultural trade & trade policy analysis; Supply & demand analysis of food; Agricultural commodities & commodity markets; Political economy of food & agriculture

2013 - 2018


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Department of Economics
P.O. Box 7013
SE-750 07 Uppsala

+46 (0)18 - 671567
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About me

I work as an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, and as a Senior Economist at the Nordic Africa Institute, Swedish Foreign Ministry. In addition, I am an Associate Professor at Arish University in Egypt (currently on sabbatical).

My work in the recent years has focused on the economics and sustainable management of natural resources; food and agricultural trade and trade policy analysis; supply and demand analysis of food and agricultural commodities and commodity markets; and the political economy of food and agriculture. Currently, my main research focuses on investigating the dynamics of urban sprawl in relation to land-use changes, food production systems, and food security in arid and semi-arid zones.