Restructured, Redesigned, Responsive

New AGYA Website Enables Agile Science Communication

We are delighted to announce the relaunch of the AGYA website: AGYA members are continuously developing new project ideas and collaborative research activities in all parts of the academy’s ever-growing network. The new AGYA website displays the strong connections within the academy and links the work of the AGYA members to the international academic community through constant and innovative formats of science communication.

Collaborative research, relevant results – Clustered in nine research topics

AGYA projects continuously generate knowledge relevant not only to the research community but also to society. With this in mind, we were guided by the following questions: How can the AGYA website inform the scholarly community, policy makers, journalists, and an interested public about AGYA member’s collaborative research projects, activities and their output? How can it highlight the benefits of interdisciplinary Arab-German research collaboration?

As a result, the new website features nine curated topic pages on AGYA research, displaying projects, publications, podcasts, videos, and activities of the working groups, as well as recommendations of AGYA members, alumni, and alumnae.

Take a look and explore the AGYA’s RESEARCH activities on

Excellent researchers, creative minds, future leaders – Enhanced presentation of AGYA members 

We kindly invite you to discover the refreshed profile pages of the academy’s members, alumni, and alumnae. Find out how diverse and innovative the scholars are who make up AGYA LIFE! If you are curious about what AGYA members are up to next, we recommend you take a look at the Upcoming Events.

Presenting AGYA from different angles – Multiple ways to get to know AGYA

On the new website, users can get to know AGYA from many different perspectives: If you wish to learn more about AGYA’s organizational structures and AGYA membership, the ABOUT US section is your right point of entry. AGYA LIFE presents the scholars and scientists in AGYA and overarching academy activities, while RESEARCH offers the possibility to approach AGYA thematically. The PUBLICATIONS are a special invitation to all passionate readers among our interested community and the PRESS & MEDIA tab invites people of the press and other media to get to know and seek experts within AGYA. Everyone who is looking to get in touch with the AGYA staff will find the right contacts at ADMINISTRATION.

The AGYA web team wishes you a lot of fun exploring the new website!