Nageh Allam

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 Nageh Allam
  • Engineering,
  • Material Science

Areas of Expertise:
Energy materials; Solar fuel & fuel cells, Solar cells; Supercapacitors; Plasmonic nanomaterials; Thermoelectric materials; Biomaterials; Biosensors; Optical sensors; Desalination Materials; Computational materials science

2017 - 2022


American University in Cairo, Egypt

Physics Department
New Cairo 11835

+20 100 9715 794
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About me

Nageh Allam is an Associate Professor of Physics at the American University in Cairo, Egypt:
My research is multidisciplinary in nature as it is at the interface between Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry. It deals with the development of a set of synthetic and fabrication techniques to obtain well-designed nanostructured materials with composition, size and shape control for use in energy conversion and storage, sensors applications, biomedical applications. I have published more than 100 papers in reputed peer-reviewed international journals and more than 90 conference articles.

Within AGYA, I contribute in projects related to the fields of energy materials, desalination, and biotechnology; particularly raising awareness on the importance of renewable energy. Through AGYA, as a dynamic group of researchers, I can share my expertise and learn from fellow members.