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18 Apr - 18 Aug 2019

Neues Museum Berlin

The special exhibition at the Neues Museum Berlin looks into the mutual influences and shared ideas of Arab and German storytelling traditions. It aims to show the transcultural value of narrative traditions as a shared cultural heritage, and highlights mutual influences, shared ideas, and cultural transfer between the Arab world and Germany through storytelling past and present.

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25 - 27 Jun 2019

International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), Dubai/UAE

Women are the backbone of rural economies, especially in developing countries. They make up almost half of the world’s farmers. Over the last few decades, female farmers have broadened their involvement in agriculture in Germany as well as in the Arab countries. What can they learn from each other to overcome challenges? Which technologies can be used to empower themselves? The international conference on 'Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture' brings together all relevant stakeholders: policy makers, scientists, and practitioners in Dubai/UAE to discuss these issues.

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04 - 08 Jul 2019

Djerba, Tunisia

Mobilizing learning outcomes to solve problems simulating real life situations is expected from teaching today. The aim is to enhance student learning and employability. The training workshop on ‘Innovative Pedagogical Practices in Higher Education’ in Djerba, Tunisia from 04 – 08 July 2019 will focus on innovative teaching methods such as: Minutes paper, MIG, POGIL and Peer learning. All these methods are centered on problem-based learning and interdisciplinary approach integration of technology.

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18 - 19 Jul 2019

Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco

It is of high relevance for scientists in various disciplines to research the causal relationship between changing climate patterns and changes in consumer behaviour. The AGYA workshop in Rabat, Morocco will therefore highlight current advances and future trends in environmental, sustainability and energy studies using state of the art methods of soft computing and data mining.

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