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Interconnected Voices: Climate Change, Equity, and the Way Forward

25 - 26 Nov 2020



Climate change and the related global warming lead to large-scale shifts in the world’s ecological, societal, and economic systems. These shifts are rapidly redesigning the realities and livelihoods of people. In addition, the changes are not occurring in the same form and intensity globally. Therefore, the effects of climate change need to be connected to different concepts of justice. An important concern related to climate justice is that those who are least responsible for climate change suffer most from the consequences.

In reaction to the pressing need for action on climate injustice, the Working Group Energy, Water and Environment aims to create an inclusive platform where previously underrepresented groups in academia and the climate protection movement can participate and contribute to the issues of climate change and climate justice.

The conference also seeks to establish a best-practice for inclusive, transparent, and climate-friendly scientific online-conferencing. The conference will take place in a semi-virtual framework, combining local hubs with online participation-formats and video-streams. A particular focus will be on Arab and German perspectives on climate justice.

In addition to furthering theories and experiences on climate justice as an academic field, the conference aims for real-world impact: producing and sharing an agenda for research and practices that can inform and guide the way forward for those doing the actual work of climate justice. A key aim is to stimulate innovative, alternative perspectives on climate justice.

The conference is organized in close cooperation with the Reiner Lemoine Institut.

The conference aims to integrate diverse voices of our societies and therefore has no specific eligibility criteria. The organizers are searching for innovative ideas and solutions to tackle the impacts of climate change.

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For registration to participate in the conference, please click here: https://next.rl-institut.de/apps/forms/8JSKtMMba3g8qW3Q 


25-26 November 2020




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